Does Your State Really Have a Deficit?

Devvy Kidd
January 30, 2003

Are you familiar with the second set of books all the States of the Union keep from public view? I highly recommend you study this remarkable research which exposes the lies of state lawmakers.

What you will learn will shock you.

California's Facist, ultra politically correct governor, Red Davis, says this state is $34 billion in the hole. It's a lie.

I have been aware of this well kept secret for years. People like me have tried to get media coverage, but it's a strange thing: not a single "mainstream" newspaper in this state will blow the cover off this chicanery. I guess all these folks who work for the newspapers love taxes. Or, they're lying to protect their paychecks. There is no honor there. This nation is full of cowards.

Share this with your group and organization. The people of the states ought to surround their state houses like the great folks did in Tennessee over a personal state income tax and tell their lawmakers to liquidate and cough up the big bucks they're hiding. Of course, most won't. They'd rather call talk radio and complain about how taxes are too high.