A Vet Writes Bill O'Reilly

February 6, 2003

Mr. Bill O'Reilly
Fox News - O'Reilly Factor

Dear Bill,

I was quite taken back by your pursed lips, your frown-wrinkled brow and your elevated voice when disagreeing with the gentleman that opined that we, the ole US of A, were the worst terrorists on the planet. May I beg to differ with your somewhat uninformed stance?

I was a terrorist for the people of the United States as a member of the little known military unit called SOG - Studies and Observation Group and it's First Flight Detachment at Nha Trang, RVN.

Your "sister" network (no other feminine adjectives, please) CNN, broke the story several years ago about SOG using Sarin gas (Isopropyl-Methyl-Phosphoryl-Fluoride) as a common "everyday" weapon.

How about that as an encore to terrorism?

We, SOG & First Flight Detachment, using such aircraft as the A1-E "Sandy" and special twin-engine UH-1E "Huey" helicopters along with the "Whiskey" class black UC-123K's delivered on an almost weekly basis Sarin gas not only in Viet Nam but also in Cambodia and Laos.

Starting to get that frown off of your face, Bill?

We also had at immediate readiness such agents as Ptomaine bacterium, Anthrax (bacterium bacillus anthracis) and yersinia pestis, the bacteriological agent that causes Bubonic Plague - all ready to be delivered at a few hours notice should the standing 'frag order' be implemented.

We'll just touch on the 88 to 113 (number 'in-country' dependent on how many were in transit to and from the prime contractor) SADMs - Special Atomic Demolition Munitions - a 'suitcase nuke' with a yield of approximately 1.277 kiloton (more or less - it has been some 32 years since I sat in ABC Warfare School) - ready to be delivered to populated areas buried in a load of fresh vegetables on the way to market aboard a DaLat farm truck.  (Side Note: When we retreated/got driven out, we left most all behind.  Where are they now?)

What is it you don't understand about terrorism, Bill?

In conclusion, Bill, I would strongly suggest that you rethink your stand on the role your government has in world politics/potential terrorism and then at least offer a cursory apology to the gentleman with whom you so strongly and boisterously disagreed.

Respectfully Submitted,

Bob Worn, Major-USAF (Retired)
1811 Shamburger Road
Pritchett, Texas  75645-2759

PS - Bill, while I'm writing, probably the only instance where I will do so, let me ask you a question for your reflection.  How and by what auspices do we pretend to be the 'almighty power' of this planet and operate to go into another sovereign country, threaten the sovereign leadership of that sovereign country, threaten to overthrow the sovereign government of that country and strip that sovereign country of their weaponry, both offensive and defensive, all without a constitutionally correct declaration of war from the congress of this sovereign nation? Are you familiar with or have you recently read the Constitution of the United States of America?

Reverse the rolls if you will, Bill. Iraq comes into our sovereign country with a group of inspectors and demands access to our cache of thermonuclear weapons at Sandia, Barksdale and Minot, et al. and then demands access to our aging, leaking cache of bacteriological/chemical weapons at places like Clearfield Depot in Utah. Then they demand that they all be destroyed. What would your reaction be to this scenario?  Please cogitate, Bill.  It's important.

Please keep up the good work - you don't get 'off-base' to any great extent. Just this time.

Major Worn