Are You Mobilized for April 15th?

Devvy Kidd
March 24, 2003

On April 15th, millions of Americans go to the post office to dutifully send in their voluntary payment of income taxes.

Don't let this golden opportunity to reach out to these millions pass US by!

Bob Schulz (We the People Foundation) makes available a small card that is perfect for handing out to our fellow Americans:

Get your group or organization together. April 15th falls on a Tuesday.

For retirees, we need you at those post offices during the day.

Working folks: After work head for the post offices. They stay open until midnight in most cities.

Pool your resources and get a thousand of these great little cards ($25.00 for 400).

When the cars drive up to the mail boxes, hand them a card. Have one or two people holding a big sign that says something like:

Former IRS Criminal Investigator

Wants You to Know the Truth

About Income Taxes

If you're standing on the sidewalk, that's public property and you have the right to be there.

If you're going to stand on post office property, ask permission of the postmaster at that location. They will usually allow folks to give out flyers and such.

I put this little card with Joe Banister's picture on it in every envelope that goes out of my house. Bills, letters, you name it - in goes a card. I've been doing it since Bob started printing them last year.

Do you realize that if everyone who reads this participates and spreads the word to everyone on their mailing list, we could potentially reach several million people next month?

Several million that will first go to Joe's web site and eventually find their way to Bob Schulz and mine?

Please order these cards today. Call your friends, relatives, anyone who supports the truth and let's get out there in force on April 15th.

Let's get the truth to America. The feds are doing us a big favor by getting millions to the post offices for us to reach! Let's not waste this opportunity.

Order cards from:

Stay the Course

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