By Devvy Kidd

September 9, 2003


On September 5, 2003, the office of California Governor Gray Davis issued a press release titled: Governor Davis Restores Driver's Licenses to California Immigrants. Not only is this political whoring, it is a bald faced lie. This latest unlawful act by Red Davis [called Red in honor of his Fascist ideology] did not give drivers licenses to California immigrants, it gives drivers licenses to illegal aliens. He didn't "restore" driver's licenses to immigrants who went through legal channels to come to our Republic, he's giving illegals a dangerous tool.

Promoters of lawlessness in this land think they are clever when they use the words like "undocumented workers" or "undocumented immigrants." Anyone, regardless of country of origin, who enters the united States of America by sneaking across the border, jumping off boats within a few feet of Florida beaches or arriving via smuggling, breaks the law. They are here illegally and no fancy, politically correct wordsmithing can change that fact. Illegal is illegal and all of them should be deported as soon as they are identified.

Davis justifies promoting breaking U.S. Law

Red Davis has justified signing this insane bill, passed by a bunch of racist criminals who sit in the California legislature, by stating: "Right now, let's not kid ourselves: People are driving to work. They're driving without demonstrating they know the rules of the road. They're driving without insurance. Everyone benefits by having drivers on the road know the rules of the road and presumably be a safer driver."

Davis also said in his press conference that Californians should be pleased by this new law because without these "undocumented workers" the price of lettuce and fruit would go up considerably in California. If this weren't such a serious and dangerous situation, one could laugh off Davis' stupidity by concluding the guy must be drinking kool-aid laced with LSD, because no rational individual would make such a statement.

Does anyone really care if lettuce goes up a quarter if it means getting rid of the three million illegal aliens who have invaded California? It costs $2.2 billion dollars a year to try to educate children of illegal aliens. The total tab paid by law abiding citizens of California for illegals [medical, crimes, etc.] is $8,000,000,000 a year and that's probably conservative so the people of California don't find out the real numbers. California's government is broke? How about the good, decent, law abiding, productive folks who live there and are being fleeced to pay for all these illegals? Is it any wonder both individuals and businesses are moving out of that state in droves?

Illegals will suddenly obtain car insurance?

It appears I got out of California just in time when I moved to Annapolis, MD this past June. Unfortunately, all of my family currently reside there and it worries me to no end. As someone who has a child severely impacted by uninsured motorists, which I wrote about for this web site, The Carnage of Uninsured Motorists:


I can tell you that Governor Davis and the California State Legislature have unleashed a monster upon the people of California.

The statistics I cited in the above article were only the tip of the iceberg. Apparently a few in the media out West also think this is a problem because I was subsequently contacted by someone from the Sacramento Bee and FOX News in LA. They were interested in my research. FOX wanted to interview the main victim of that article, my daughter. My beautiful daughter who lives in pain most of her waking life because two illegal, uninsured Mexicans plowed into her car; one still attends college at UCLA and the other skipped back across the border.

Within hours after the Carnage article was posted, my e-mail box had hundreds of personal stories from innocent people hit by illegal aliens and lawful residents who had no insurance. Just reading all those e-mails tore my heart out. One couple who wrote lost a son. Their daughter is permanently crippled and maimed because their family car was smashed and flipped by an illegal from El Salvador who couldn't speak two words of English much less read road signs. The husband and wife spent their time in the hospital, too.

After burying their son, the medical bills for their six year old, who will never experience first grade, the prom, marriage or children due to the nature of her permanent injuries, are already in excess of $1.5 million dollars. Their lives are ruined. The illegal Salvadorian skipped the country, although the police did try to prevent this murderer from crossing back across the border.

Another mail that hurt to read: A widower raising three children as well as he can after his beloved wife passed from cancer, was broadsided by a legal citizen of the state; the guy simply decided to run that red light because he was running late. When our widower inquired of this driver why he had no insurance, the driver stated that he was a "patriot" and didn't believe in car insurance, it violated his constitutional rights.

The result of that accident was one nine-year old with a broken leg and dislocated shoulder, one seven year old who ended up having extensive facial reconstruction from the glass and metal that imbedded itself in his face. The three year old daughter was lucky and suffered only minor injuries and lots of terror.

This innocent family is bankrupt because the father carried no uninsured motorist coverage. He mistakenly thought his regular insurance policy would cover this kind of accident. Wrong. All the medical bills and damage to his vehicle has to be paid by him. Our patriot and defender of the constitution declared bankruptcy in order to avoid helping out the widower who was doing nothing more than taking the kids to the store with him. Sometimes I just hate opening my e-mail because of these human stories that simply break your heart.

All of this before SB 60 was signed into junk law by Red Davis.

The worse is yet to come

Many pundits claim the reason neither Congress nor the border governors will do anything to stop this invasion is because of votes. Well, that's true. Vote fraud has hijacked our elections at all levels and anyone who doesn't believe that statement hasn't done the hard homework. Our ballot box is thoroughly compromised. I belong to no political party, my blind loyalty isn't to "the party at all costs" or any of that dangerous nonsense. I tell it like it is. Our choice via the ballot box is gone and it won't be restored until electronic voting machines are gone and we return to paper ballots, hand counted in front of the people, in the precinct where the vote was cast. However, the majority of Americans simply don't care as long as their party "wins at all costs."

Illegals by the millions, thanks to the open invitation to vote fraud called the "Motor Voter Act of 1993," are unlawfully registered to vote. Illegals who come to our country by breaking the law, who have no interest in our history, our traditions or our culture, but want to force their religion and socialist demands down out throats, vote for the politician who will promise them anything they want.

Let's not forget the terrorists. Today on the stupid tube, Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld [who should be replaced before another hour passes] stated during a press conference that "terrorists use our borders to enter this country." Gee, finally a moment of truth. Governor Davis just extended a personal invitation or terrorists to enter our country via California. I believe he should be charged under the Patriot Act.

Besides the human carnage, terrorists and rampant vote fraud, it goes even further: illegal gun purchases.

"Sources inside the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms said the implications of the new driver's license rules are especially alarming in Southern California, where they say rings of traffickers smuggle weapons from the U.S. into Mexico, where the guns are sold at inflated prices on the black market.

"Currently, agents say the smuggling rings often buy stolen weapons and use 'straw purchasers' to obtain firearms. Under the rules in the new law, they say the smugglers, which are most often Mexican nationals who have crossed into the U.S. illegally, will simply obtain a 'clean' and legitimate driver license, and buy the guns legally." Eric Leonard, newsmax.com, September 5, 2003

Promoters of lawlessness working for votes will counter this by claiming not all illegals that enter this country will purchase guns to hurt anyone. They are fools; it only takes one to kill you or your loved ones. Just take a look at the crimes being perpetrated every day of the week upon legal citizens of all nationalities in states like Arizona and Texas. It's beyond outrageous and Mr. Bush and Congress and after Congress have sat around on their lofty perches and allowed this insanity to continue. The lone voice sounding the alarm in Congress is Tancredo and his own party animals have all but lynched him for telling the truth about Congress' refusal to stop this invasion underway for decades.

Mark my words: Despite the media black out on this issue, and the newspapers throughout California have been damned derelict in getting out the facts on uninsured motorists, the statistics for both accidents and crime will rise.

If you live in California and don't have the maximum uninsured motorist policy available, you're playing Russian Roulette. Thank God we had it for my daughter when she was hit twice by illegal Mexicans who walked away. However, even the insurance can't take away my daughter's almost constant pain or the million tears I have shed since her first accident, May 28, 2002.

What can the people of California do?

Two things:

In California, any citizen can circumvent the local district attorney and ask for a grand jury to look at a possible indictment against an individual who has broken the law. Immigration is federal law, so in this case, the citizens need to demand a federal grand jury investigation. It will be difficult because of Washington politics, but the effort must be made and made in a big, loud way.

When Davis signed SB 60, he signed a law that will allow illegal aliens to drive the roads of California "legally." Instead of California vigorously pursuing and deporting any illegal alien, regardless of country of origin, the Governor of that State has now blessed those who have broken the law and given an open invitation to terrorists.

Red Davis should be indicted, arrested and tried for violating federal immigration law by refusing to round them up and deport them. The people of California should throw his sorry backside out of office for refusing to put the California National Guard on the border, giving illegals driver's licenses and access to the ballot box.

The citizens of California, by the tens of thousands, need to surround the State House and camp out there until this law is wiped off the books. All you retirees in California, now is your chance to save your grandbabies future and possibly their lives. If I still lived in California, I would be leading this movement to the very end.

Second, if you are the victim of an accident caused by an illegal alien, sue the California Department of Motor Vehicles for failure to carry out a lawfully mandated requirement: making sure every driver in the state has current, valid car insurance. Sue them for $100 million dollars. Take the state to the cleaners. It's the only way to get their attention.

The DMV, as evidenced by hard statistics, is doing nothing to yank the licenses of drivers who have no insurance. SB 60, now law, will make this problem grow exponentially. Two of my daughter's accidents are clear evidence of this statement. In some of the largest "minority" sections of Los Angeles, the percentage of uninsured drivers is 96%. In the LA basin, a whopping 48% of all drivers have no insurance; thinking about going to Disneyland? One in every three cars you see driving the streets, roads and highways in California have no insurance, period.

The numbers will skyrocket now that Davis has signed a law promoting lawlessness and a new wave of invasion by illegals, some who will be terrorists. Davis has been resoundingly endorsed by all the law enforcement agencies in the State of California. Shame, shame, shame on them. Is it any wonder California is joked about all across this country as a state full of nuts and queers?

Californians, please: Don't wait for you or your family to become the next dead body because of an illegal driving, purchasing a gun or committing an act of terrorism. Get to Sacramento and bring down the house using your First Amendment rights. Only the voice of the people will get this insane "law" off the books.

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