The "Peace Symbol" - What it really means

Devvy Kidd
November 13, 2003

When America embarked upon yet another undeclared war, this time in Iraq, the "peace symbol" once again is being captured on film as the, for the most part, sincere anti-war demonstrators once again take to the nation's capitol and to the streets.

I have been against every single unconstitutional war since I became an adult. I didn't always know who and what was driving them, but I was against them for many reasons.

G. Edward Griffin, author of Creature from Jekyll Island, is one brilliant man, an intense researcher and dedicated activist to boot the communists out of our government and restore America to a Constitutional Republic.

On Ed's web site is a factual and historical accounting of where this so-called "peace symbol" came from and who was behind it. I hope every American who wants to understand how America got sucked into this dangerous state of affairs, will take a few minutes to read this short explanation of the "peace symbol."

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