Hold Your Nose and Vote

By Devvy Kidd
Published March 9, 1998 - Media Bypas Magazine

During this election cycle, the chant "hold your nose and vote" is once again the recipe for restoring America to a Constitutional Republic. All across this country, We the People are once again being told that we must vote for the lesser of the two evils, that we must hold our nose and vote for the Republican party's choice because if we don't, the dreaded money grubbing Demarats will take a particular seat. This isn't sitting too well with a lot of Constitutional conservatives and in fact, one person I call a dear friend and the best talk show host in the country, well, we agree to disagree on this particular issue.

Here in California, we have a very serious problem for the governor's race. The primary will be in June and predictably, the Democrats have a stable of socialist/fascists lined up to cram down the throats of voters. The Republican party "leadership" have selected as their fair-haired boy, a person who consistently violates his oath of office, Dan Lundgren, the current Attorney General. Lundgren thinks nothing of violating the Second Amendment, which in turn, violates his oath of office.

Lundgren has been a big supporter of the assault weapons ban. On March 4, 1998, an appellate court here ruled that one provision of this junk law was unconstitutional and raised serious legal questions about the remainder of the law. Lundgren is the Attorney General. He's supposed to know what is and isn't constitutional. Obviously he doesn't and true to form, the next day, Lundgren announced his intention to fight this court ruling. This is someone I'm supposed to trust?

Lundgren has steadfastly refused to stop the illegal activities of the IRS within the State of California and has allowed the illegal activities of the State Franchise Tax Board to continue unabated. He has willfully allowed my rights to be trampled on by these two agencies and now I'm supposed to trust him to "do the right thing?"

Lundgren is a big supporter of the asset-forfeiture laws that violate the Fourth and Fifth Amendments to the Constitution. Remember, he took an oath to uphold the Constitution and our rights under that document. Well, he's been firm in his violation of our rights in support of this Nazi-mentality search and seizure process of no rights, no due process of law or anything else resembling justice. This is someone I'm supposed to trust?

What is the number one issue that demands Republicans in California vote for Lundgren? Redistricting, which will occur as a result of the census in the year 2000. Based on the results of this head count, the boundaries inside the state will be redrawn which affects all the congressional seats in California. Currently the Democrats control the Assembly and Senate in the legislature, with the overwhelming majority of them being leftists who adhere to the doctrine of the Communist Manifesto and couldn't pass a simple test on the U.S. or California Constitutions. Republicans say we must elect Lundgren because he will "do the right thing" regarding this redistricting.

First, you have to trust someone to "do the right thing." Can I trust Lundgren given his past record as a public servant? No. Has he violated his oath of office while in public service? Yes. Now I'm supposed to trust him to "do the right thing" based on a census for which I have no way to verify the numbers this census produces? I must forfeit all of my own personal convictions and standards and compromise just because a handful of people I don't know have given me no choice in candidates for the governor's race? Does anyone see something wrong with this picture?

Second, the redistricting will affect Congressional seats in California and could possibly put more Democrats in Congress. Well, take a good, hard look at this Republican Congress since they took control 1994. In early March 1998, they actually voted down a bill that would require people prove their citizenship to vote! That's right. Have they brought our military home from Bosnia? No. Reform the IRS? There's a hoot. It won't happen and besides, we must dump this collection agency for the private "FED" before the whole system collapses.

Third comes the question of ballot fraud, tainted voting rolls and that whole bag of worms. Just because someone wears the mantle of Republican, doesn't mean they can be trusted any more or less than a Democrat. And, as millions of us already suspect, our vote at the federal level doesn't even count or is manipulated by illegals and deceased people voting, so who really knows who gets "elected" anymore?

Another argument in favor of holding our noses and voting for Lundgren is that if a Democrat is elected to the governor's seat, just look at the damage a Democrat will do for years while in office. Well, excuse me, but look at the damage that Lundgren has done for years while he's been in office. How many people lives have been disrupted or outright destroyed by asset-forfeiture that Lundgren so highly endorses?

How many people's lives and business have been destroyed by the IRS and Franchise Tax Board for years under Lundgren's stewardship as AG? What kind of damage could he do for years as governor? Just look at Pistol Pete Wilson, our closet liberal governor who masquerades as a Republican? Oh, sure, occasionally he throws a bone at the pro-gun Republicans, but overall he's just another socialist mouthpiece leaving a path of destruction during his years as Governor. How many more excuses do you make before you say enough is enough? Ah, the next election, right?

I hate to repeat myself but this is a matter of trust. It isn't just the IRS or the gun issue or the asset-forfeiture with Lundgren, it's trust in really believing that Lundgren will live the talk instead of just mouth empty words and promises. I've met Lundgren and listened to him speak. I always trust my gut and my gut tells me that here's another empty, shallow, shell of a professional politician who doesn't give a rat about the Constitution or me.

If a Democrat is elected Governor of California, people will blame me. Let's for a moment go back through time. In 1992, everyone said hold your nose and vote for Bush - he's the lesser of the two evils over Clinton. I wrote in Andy Jackson's name. Anyone with half a brain could see that Slick Willy was a draft-dodging, dope smoking sleezebag, but people ask what was wrong with Bush?

Putting aside his shady CIA history, membership in the CFR and Tri-Lateral Commission, his efforts to destroy our sovereignty and bring us under this umbrella of a world order, he also put on a crown and invaded Panama. During that illegal operation 2,400+ innocent Panamanians were killed, America snatched a head of state, one Manual Noreiga and then spent $23 million dollars giving this foreigner constitutional rights and a trial. Yes, we all know that Noreiga is a dirtbag but what Bush did should have brought an impeachment indictment, instead he received accolades because it was for the "war on drugs." That seems to excuse a lot.

In '96, everyone said you've got to vote for Dole, Devvy, even though he's sold out this country big time, he's still the lesser of the two evils. Really? See what Bill wanted and what Dole gave him: NAFTA, yes; GATT, yes; the Brady Bill, yes; Anti-Terrorism, yes; troops fighting useless tribal wars, yes. The rest of the laundry list is too long for this article.

Well, they did differ on abortion, right? Sure. In a 1986 letter to the Arkansas Right to Life group, Slick Willy wrote, "I am opposed to abortion and to government funding of abortions. We should not spend state funds on abortions because so many people believe abortion is wrong." So, actually I'm not sure what this congenital liar really believes on that issue. Old lies for new lies.

How many more elections are the people of this country going to suffer through before they finally say no more to their "party leadership?" Who gives you these lesser of two evils? Do you even know? For 99% of the voters, they are strangers behind the scenes and you know what? Each and every time you hold your nose and vote, these strangers, controlled by the world bankers and elitists, put one more chain around your neck.

The Democrats don't have it much easier than the grassroots Republicans. Leftist Dick Gephardt, a White House wanna-be, is also a big supporter of the "right of women to have control over their reproductive rights," which translated means the right to have an abortion. However, this prolific liar wrote back in 1977: "Life is the division of human cells, a process that begins with conception. The (Roe) ruling was unjust and it is incumbent upon Congress to correct the injustice." Funny thing though, I have never seen him lead the charge to have Congress correct this "injustice." Old lies for new lies.

The good, decent people of this country play right into the hands of the bad guys every time you let them shove the lesser of two evils down your throat. I say it's time to break the cycle of dependency and tell your party "leadership" NO, NO and NO. If a Democrat gets elected to the governor's mansion in 2000, it will be the fault of the party hacks behind the scenes who have lost sight of what is and isn't reality, who and who isn't trustworthy and the grassroots Republicans who wouldn't stand up and do as I have done and say, "No, but hell no!"

These people who control the two political parties in America want you to buckle under each and every election cycle and sadly, the majority of people are playing right into their hands. No doubt this stand will fill my mailbag with grief but however painful and unpopular, I must do what will allow me to look at my face each morning in the mirror without flinching.

The next rebuttal to this argument I will hear is, "It's too late this time, Devvy. The Republican leadership has chosen Lundgren to cram down our throats and it's too late to bring someone else in to run against Lundgren in the primary." Didn't I hear that same argument in '92 and '94 and '96 and now I hear it again in '98? How many more times do you do this? Whose fault is this anyway? Mine? Wrong, I tried for better.

I got on the Internet and found out who the mucky mucks were in the California Republican Party and I e-mailed each and everyone of these strangers and I told them: I will not compromise myself one more time for your choice of stooge. I will not vote for Lundgren. Find me someone who will uphold his/her oath of office, someone with character, uncompromising strength and with high moral standards. I never received a single reply but I did receive an envelope about a week later asking for money for the party. No problem, it makes for excellent box stuffing.

Let me tell you what's going to happen if we should get lucky enough to have elections in the year 2000. The two political parties in America will shove their choices down your throat and you will once again be required to "hold your nose and vote" for President, VP, members of Congress and so on. Mark my words. For the love of God, I've been watching exactly this scenario go on for years, election after election after election.

There is a solution, though and that solution is you. There would be no Democrat or Republican or Libertarian or Reform parties without you. Nothing will change the political landscape of the criminal syndicate in DC until the people of this country demand paper ballots, hand counted in the precincts, in front of everyone in all states of the Union. Until that time, we will continue to see the same corrupt bunch recycled with an occasional "Republican revolution" thrown in to appease the rage blowing across our land. You can change that.

Americans in all 50 states of the Union do not have to put up with Marxists, Communists and fascists in their state legislatures. They can form coalitions and get out and recall these liars for hire on signature petition drives. It takes a lot of work to do this and blessedly, while I see some movement in this direction, it's not enough. Why? Because quite frankly, it takes people away from their leisure time on a Saturday and many still cannot or will not accept that there's something very wrong with electronic voting machines.

It isn't just us Californians who are going through this hold your nose and vote for the lesser of the two evils. It's going on all around the country - again. Isn't it time we force the dog to quit chasing his tail? How do you do that? You make the dog bite his tail and he'll let go. The parties need you. Use your power. I ask you: Since when do real Americans accept the premise that we must vote for evil, whether it's the lesser, the medium or the worst evil just to keep the person on the other side from getting elected? Evil is evil, regardless of what strength it comes in and haven't we discovered that the grass isn't any greener on the other side too many times?

My personal code of honor requires me to vote for the ideals that our Founding Fathers so gloriously displayed: honesty, integrity, high moral standards and backbone. To ask me to do otherwise every voting cycle is to ask me to betray all that I am and to be part of the destruction of my country. For the past twenty years I've done what was ask of me by the Republican party, who I now know lied to me my entire adult life. Forgive me, I can't and I won't do it, not anymore.

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