KAL 007 & OKC Cover Ups

What about the passengers of KAL Flight 007?

Will Bush Demand Putin Release American Hostages?

Incident At Sakhalin

Kal 007 (Sakhalin Incident) - Follow-up

Anniversary of on-going cover up approaches


While I have written extensively on this cover up (on my CD), Patrick Briley (his columns archived here) has put an incredible amount of research together in a short book. Patrick has identified the players. The Bush Administration is covering up what happened under the Clinton Administration and every American is at risk.

Patrick's book is available for free on my web site here:


Patrick also put together a flyer you can distribute in your community, church, work and to friends and family. The threat is real, it's serious and the feds know where these terror cells groups are - so why aren't they rounding them up?

Terrorist alert flyer: