Benton K. Partin
Brig/Gen U.S.A.F. (Ret)

Biographical Notes on General Partin's Background and Experience(report follows)

Thirty-one years active duty in the Air Force. Progressively responsible executive, scientific and technical assignments directing organizations engaged in research, development, testing, analysis, requirements generation and acquisition management of weapons systems. Assignments from laboratory to the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

Personal contributions made in the fields of research and development management, weapon system concepts, guided weapons technology, target acquisition aids, focused energy weapons, operating research and joint service harmonization of requirements. Retired as a Brigadier General.

White House appointed Special Assistant to the Administrator, Federal Aviation Administration. Personally designated to prepare the White Paper on the Federal Aviation Administration for the 1989 Presidential Transition Team. This included development of policy initiatives on FAA/USAF joint use of the Global Positioning System (GPS), operational life for commercial aircraft, anti- terrorism, airport and airway capacity, requirements in the FAA acquisition process and FAA leadership and management development.

Military Command Pilot and Command Missleman with 4000 hours (37 combat.)

Education: B.S. Chemical Engineering; M.S. Aeronautical Engineering; Ph.D. Candidate, Operations Research & Statistics (Academics Completed.)


Sino-Soviet Conflict, Competition and Cooperation: Risks in Force Structure Planning

A Reduced Upper Limit for Sequential Test Truncation Error

Frequent TV Talk Shows on the Voice of Freedom

Honors: Distinguished Service Medal, Legion of Merit thrice, Distinguished Graduate - Air War College

Community Affairs:

Chairman, United States Defense Committee

Member of the Board, In Touch Missions International

Member of the Board, Front Line Fellowship, founding chairman of the School Board, Engleside Christian School

Washington Representative for the Association of Christian Schools International (1981-83)

Chairman Fairfax County Republican Party (1982-1986)

Lifelong Professional Challenge: Continuing studies and analyses to anticipate and forecast the future course of world military/political/economic transforming processes.


By Benton K. Partin, Brigadier Gen. USAF (Ret)

In the development of major weapon systems, it may take 10 years from the definition of a requirement until the weapon system becomes an effective and integral part of our force structure. If the system remains in the force structure for a nominal 20 to 30 years, then in what operational scenarios will that weapon system be expected to perform 10 to 40 years in the future? It is those potential operational scenarios that determine many specifics in the definition of the requirement.

What kind of crystal ball is used to foresee 30 to 40 years ahead in such detail? In my 31 years in the Air Force - - (25 spent in Research and Development from the laboratory to the Office of the Secretary of the Defense) - - I have never seen but two bases for such extrapolation. One is the evolution of technology whose extrapolation is a sophisticated science itself, and the other is the Program of the Communist International Adopted At Its 6th Congress in Moscow on September 1, 1928. [Reference: The Communist International 1919-1943 Documents, Jane DeGrasse, ed., Volume II 1923-1928, London Oxford University Press, 1960.]

It is the almost universal ignorance in the non-communist world of the latter basis for extrapolation that makes massive subversion and disinformation almost unrecognizable. In such complex matters, it is often difficult to differentiate between ignorance, incompetence and treason. In the short term, the apparent difference may be only a matter of intent - - but quite often - - predictable intent.

World Congress Of Communist/Socialists Parties

During the late 1940's, 50's and early 60's, I thought I knew everything there was to know about the brewof Communism/Bolshevism/Socialism/Globalism/Illuminism/Nazism/ Fascism/Marxism/Leninism/Maoism/Babeuvism/Jacobinism/Occultism/Central Banking/Humanism/H.G. Well's "Z" Society/New World Order/World Order/etc., etc.

However, it was only after I studied the program documents of the Executive Committee Communist International (ECCI) did I have any basis for a reliable prediction of the future course of world events that were being orchestrated by that brew as a program for total world conquest with the end objective being World Communism as they define it - - or if you prefer - - the euphemisms Globalism, World Order, New World Order, New Economic World Order, etc.

At no point in its 250 year evolution has the program for global communist conquest been as completely structured, defined, adopted and published as in the program documents of the Third International's Sixth Party Congress held in Moscow in 1928. It was a world congress for the Communist/Socialist leadership from all over the world. There were 532 delegates of which 25 (20 voting) were from the USA. The World Congress was a precursor to the United Nations.

Defined Program or Ambiguous Conspiracy

They called it a "Program." Is it a conspiracy? Yes - - in part. But it is an open conspiracy. The 1928 Program states: - - "communist disdain to conceal their views and aims. They openly declare that their aims can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all the existing social conditions."

If we recognize a threat as only a "conspiracy," how can we develop a program to counter that "conspiracy" unless we can reliably and predictably define the program of that conspiracy? I have developed programs for new weapons and programs for weapons to counter other new weapons, but I would be at a total loss to conceptualize a program to counter a conspiracy, unless I could first define its program, track its progress and refine its predictability.

We deny ourselves the potential of recognizing, developing and orchestrating effective counteraction when we define a threat only as a "conspiracy" without understanding, in a predictable way, its program toward its ultimate objective. When people go to a theater to see a play, they are given a program, not a plan, not a conspiracy and not a piece of propaganda. The Communist World uses the term program in much the same way a theater uses the term program.

The Program of the Third International was orchestrated from 1919 to 1943 by an almost Pentagon size organization, staffed with people from all over the world, headquartered in Moscow and called the COMINTERN. After World War II the name was changed to COMINFORM. In the mid 1950's, the name was changed again to the International Department, but is now called the GORBACHEV FOUNDATION, with new branches in several target countries. [Note: the Gorbachev Foundation is reported to be building a new "1 kilometer square" office complex in Moscow.]

It is The Program of the Third International and the extrapolation of technology that offers the only sound basis I have ever found for the long term extrapolation of military hardware requirements.

For example: the program states that in World Communism: - - "Instead of destroying countless lives and untold wealth in class wars and national wars, mankind will use all its energies in the struggle with the forces of nature....", i.e. this is the program basis for the present massive, global environmental front.

The program also states that:-- "once having abolished private property in the means of production and made them public property, world communism will replace the spontaneous forces of the world market, the planless sway of competition, the blind operation of social production, by the socially planned regulation of production." For this we now have the World Trade Organization and the present consolidations toward global cartels for the production and distribution of goods and services. The Diamond Cartel leadership has funded much of the Communist led ANC takeover in South Africa (led by now deceased KGB Colonel "Joe Slovo").

The Sino-Soviet Conflict Hoax

In 1957, as the Special Assistant for Advance Weapons Concepts in the Air Force Systems Command Headquarters, I started the Focused Energy Weapons Program. In 1958, I participated in a series of budget briefings in the Pentagon, in which I was defending the Focused Energy Weapons Program budget. In that series of briefings, I was shocked to see certain force structure assumptions based on the high risk hypothesis that there was a genuine and irreversible Sino-Soviet conflict.

What shocked me was the long term national risk. Two hypothesis could readily be made. One, the Sino-Soviet split was genuine and irreversible, or two, the Sino-Soviet split was either a hoax or was reversible. Force requirements would vary greatly between these two hypothesis, depending on the threat. At that time, I considered three levels of threat :

Case I: Dual Threat - - Communist China and Russia would team up if either were directly involved with the U.S. and its allies in a major conflict

Case II: Either Threat - - Either China or the Soviet Union would remain neutral if the other was involved in a major conflict with the U.S. and its allies.

Case III: Either Allied Threat - - Either Soviet or Chinese forces would join the U.S. and its allies in a major conflict with the other.

Our Risk

The risks involved here can easily be seen. If the assumption is made that the Sino-Soviet split is real and irreversible, and years ahead there is a confrontation by a Dual Threat, then the U. S. would be placed at extreme - - if not fatal - - risk. It would be like passing at the crest of a hill on a busy single lane highway. Much would be placed at risk for little possible gain. Neither the legitimacy of the Sino-Soviet split nor its irreversibility could be assured with sufficient confidence to not consider it a potential hoax. We are now those years ahead and we are confronted by a Case I Dual Threat plus an expanded communist controlled world. The naive liberal and leftist solution is to surrender by "convergence" into their global scheme.

Their Gain

I continued collecting information on the Sino-Soviet split for another decade. While attending the Air War College in 1967, I had the opportunity to review the 1928 Program of the Communist International. I concluded that the Sino-Soviet conflict, as a hoax, was one of the highest payoff strategies of the entire communist world movement in its then 200 plus year history. I then wrote a thoroughly documented 155 page report on the Sino-Soviet split hoax entitled: Sino-Soviet Conflict, Competition and Cooperation: Risks in Force Structure Planning. The proposed wide distribution of the report was turned down by the approving group because one member was a propagandist for the legitimacy of the split Several hundred copies were unofficially distributed to key senior leaders.

In that report, written 29 years ago, I listed 50 advantages to the implementation of the 1928 program if the West could be convinced of the legitimacy and irreversibility of the Sino-Soviet split. The first ten of those advantages to implementing the World Communist Program were as follows:

"1. It justified a major reduction in Free World forces and, at the same time, justifies a high level of defense preparedness for both Russia and China." [It resulted in an inversion of the balance of power in the world.]

"2. It induced a complacent, do nothing, if not indifferent attitude toward the critical military balance of power." [It became politically incorrect to even question the Sino-Soviet conflict's legitimacy.]

"3. It Justified a more aggressive Soviet program in 'competition' with China in Asia, Africa and South America." [They were both involved in the generation and support of communist "Wars of National Liberation".]

"4. The 'peaceful coexistence' role of the U.S.S.R. and the supposedly more aggressive role of China complement each other in reducing the Free World For example: one approach worked better in Syria and the other approach worked better in Tibet." [That performance has been repeated many times.]

"5. The Sino-Soviet split helped get the U.S. committed in a big way, but not too big for Russia and China, in a land war in Southeast Asia - - supported by both Russia and China." [While we were dissipating Forces in Vietnam they were consolidating power in the Middle East and North Africa.]

"6. The alleged breakup of the world communist monolith into supposedly 'loose and pluralistic grouping(s) of communist states,' justifies for many the disintegration of the Free World Alliances buildup over many years, for containing communism. 'Polycentrism in the East breeds polycentrism in the West.'" [29 years later, we have a new rendition in Perestroika and a communist world push for a "comprehensive" UN controlled security system under a communist dominated UN. Effort to move NATO into East Europe is part of the dialectic.]

"7. The split justifies a repolarization of the world struggle along specious and phoney lines, i.e , 'The basic conflict is not between the U.S. and Russia, nor ever between the U.S. and China. It is between Soviet Communism and Chinese Communism." [Disinformation.]

"8. The Sino-Soviet split has been used to justify a weakening of NATO, i e., "it may have outlived its usefulness." [The central push is now for former Soviet Union countries to come into new groupings in the move toward a "comprehensive" security system.]

"9. The Sino-Soviet split hoax, along with the war in Vietnam, has been used to force the isolation of America on the international scene." [Today, the U.S.A. almost stands alone in opposing a second five-year term for Boutros-Ghali as Secretary General of the United Nations.]

" 10. The Sino-Soviet split and the resulting reapproachment between East and West European countries has contributed to the rise of nationalism in East Europe and a weakening of the West European coalition." [Orchestrated for convergence.]

Report Conclusions - - (written 29 years ago!)

"1. For military force structure planning purposes, the Sino-Soviet conflict must be considered a hoax so as to reduce, if not minimize, long-term national risk."

"2. There is sufficient documented evidence available to severely challenge the popularly held view that the Sino-Soviet split is genuine, deep and irreversible."

"3. From all the arguments and evidence supporting the hypothesis of a genuine split, there are at least as good arguments, and perhaps more consistently reliable information which supports the idea that the popular view of the Sino-Soviet split is specious, misleading and a masterful deception."

"4. The Sino-Soviet split payoff to the communist world, even as a highly advertised genuine conflict, is so great that both Russia and China would be foolish not to exacerbate it for the eyes and ears of the Free World."

"5. The Sino-Soviet split, as a hoax, is one the highest payoff operations of the entire world communist movement since its very beginning."

"6. The Sino-Soviet split payoff to the Communist World, as a hoax, is sufficiently great to make the deception a major foundation - - if not cornerstone of Sino-Soviet foreign policy. Almost no expense or inconvenience would be too great to assure the continued Western faith that the split is genuine."

"7. In the Free World, the Sino-Soviet split thesis offers something to everyone. Almost everyone wishes to believe it. Disbelief creates too many problems in required actions. Therefore, there is a natural propensity to reject any idea that the Sino-Soviet split is not genuine. Moreover, with all the affirming publicity, much stemming from within the Sino-Soviet Camp, we are well conditioned to believe it in much the same way Pavlov's dogs responded to the bells."

"8. The 1928 Program of The Communist International tempered by personality factors, historical necessity, and opportunism, provides a consistent, coherent, reasonably predictably model of understanding of the world socialist movement and Sino-Soviet relations. The popularly held model of Sino-Soviet conflict understanding is inconsistent, incoherent, and unreliable as a basis for prediction and expectation."

"9. Part of the foundation on which the Sino-Soviet split thesis is built, is in fact specified as part of the 1928 COMINTERN Program."

"10. The Future of a free and independent United States and Free World depends to a considerable extent on an accurate understanding of the alleged Sino-Soviet conflict and taking appropriate courses of action."

"11. Assuming as true the model of understanding of the Sino-Soviet split and the world revolutionary processes, hypothesized, developed, and tested in this paper, we should expect the following:"

Predictions - - (made in 1967 - - 29 years ago)

"a. Secret Sino-Soviet cooperation in the democratic penetration, subversion, economic warfare and - - in the more backward countries - - externally supported flagrant aggression and orchestration of wars of national liberation." [Proven by time.]

"b. Continued efforts of communist forces to expand the war in Southeast Asia to increase U.S. commitments." [Proven by time.]

"c. That India will either move peacefully and reliably into the Marxist camp or the liberation struggle will soon move into the violent phase." [Moved toward the Marxist camp.]

"d. The Marxist world will soon exercise hegemony over the Moslem Middle East." [Mostly done.]

"e. A gradual increase in the numbers of Wars of National Liberation in the more advanced 'semi-colonial' countries." [Done. In Canada the conflict thesis is French Separatist, in the U.S.A. it is racial, in Ireland it is Protestant vs. Catholic, in Rwanda it is tribal, Tutsi (mostly Christian) versus Hutu (mostly Animist).]

"f. A continued, but reduced, public exacerbation of the Sino-Soviet split thesis by both Russia and China until they are ready for a major showdown with the U.S. " [Proven by time.]

"g. An increased level of urban guerilla warfare and arson in the U S in concert with increased violence in South Vietnam and increase pressure against mobilization." [Watts, D.C., TET, Tricontinental Congress, etc.]

"h. A globally coordinated attempt by the Marxist world to over saturate U S. commitments, to force a U.S. back down in Southeast Asia, with tactical nuclear weapons if necessary." [Dunkirk type evacuation, Tricontinental Congress success.]

"i. The above sequence fulfillment would be regarded as the completion of another step - - in the struggle for world domination - - that was basically programmed in the 1920's."

Report Conclusions Continued

"12. The strategy of deterrence and massive retaliation tended to ignore the gradual revolutionary processes of wars of national liberation, as they were originally planned and are still being conducted - - with some refinements."

" 13. The strategy of flexible response reacts to wars of national liberation after they have reached the violent phase, and after they have undergone many years of previolent preparation. A more applicable strategy is needed."

" 14. Although there are many causes on which the pre-violent phase of wars of national liberation feed - - and if causes do not exist they are created - - however, under the 1928 Program hypothesis, it is orthodox, doctrinary and practical that the liberation forces require and are provided, external assistance from the Marxist world."

" 15. The World Socialist Movement has progressed to the point where the advantages accruing from the Sino-Soviet split thesis will start to diminish. Under the 1928 Program hypothesis, world socialist solidarity will then become more popularly acclaimed. [Proven by time - - the chiefs of state have already hugged and kissed in public in the treachery of the Leninist/Gramscian Perestroika deception.]

Sino-Soviet Split - - A Disinformation Program!

When KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn published his book New Lies For Old in 1984, I could ascribe considerable confidence to it because the chapter on the Sino-Soviet split was in total agreement with my research and analysis of the same subject at the Air War College 17 years before. Golitsyn called the Sino-Soviet split a DISINFORMATION PROGRAM -- I called it a HOAX.

We both identified it as a high payoff Sino-Soviet strategy. What is so amazing is - - that to my knowledge - - our own senior intelligence people have never deduced the Sino-Soviet split as a disinformation program or a hoax - - at least not for publication. With the new intelligence monopoly being set up under challengeable leadership, it will become even more politically incorrect to call it what it really is. He who controls the National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) controls future capabilities.

In Golitsyn's 1995 book, The Perestroika Deception, he concludes that the Sino-Soviet split is the main Soviet disinformation program on which all other disinformation programs depend.

Complex as it may seem, the Sino-Soviet split dialectic is rather simple and straightforward when compared to the dialectics involved in the U.S. "winning the Cold War," the "disappearance of the Soviet threat," the "disintegration of the Soviet empire," and the "democratization of the former Soviet Union" (now ruled by former communists, ex-communists, non-communists and communists).

If at the end of World War II, all of the Chiefs of State in Eastern and Western Europe were former Nazis, ex-Nazis, and Nazis, would anyone believe that we had won World War II?

World Commonwealth of Independent States and Globalization

The Sino-Soviet split has now played a major role in the relative ascendancy of communist world power and a diminution of the free world and its alliances. The communist world goal was to have a World Commonwealth of Independent Socialist States by the year 2000. The "former Soviet Union" now calls itself the Commonwealth of Independent States or CIS. The United Nations is a CIS. A commonwealth is a loose federation. What follows the Commonwealth of Independent States has been in preparation for decades:

1. Global cartels for the production and distribution of goods and services. [Some multinational corporations were established originally for that purpose.]

2. A world socialist division of labor. [Certain production is already being shifted from the U.S.A. in the move toward global "interdependence."]

3. A global security system. [We now have extensive official cooperation among policing and intelligence services between the free world and the communist/former communist world.]

4. A global military system under the UN (in the UN Charter). According to the program, no indigenous forces would be required to go against their own people in a UN police keeping operation. Thus if the French Separatist movement in Canada or the racial tension in the U.S.A. became violent, a UN peace keeping operation would have to use non-indigenous forces. [This is probably the ultimate reason for the large number of foreign troops undergoing UN police action training in the USA.]

5. A global judiciary system

6. A global environmental control with population reduction.

7. A global banking system [IMF and World Bank.]

8. A global anti-crime and anti-terrorism organization. There is considerable evidence that counter terrorist sting operations and terrorist acts are being instigated to deliberately justify repressive legislation - - but that is the way the dialectic works.

9. A global this and a global that Globalism.

Withering Away Of The State

Then we are to have a "withering away of the state." This does not mean doing away with government, but the establishment of a top down global system of regional government, i.e., a world without nations... . a world with out nationalities.... a world without boundaries. This is by their definition COMMUNISM. It is also the New World Order and Globalism. In the past, world conununist leadership would say they have been "building socialism," "building democracy" and "building communism."


I would encourage all readers to do everything possible, with sacrificial time and resources, to work as they have never worked before, to assure that our next president and our next elected Congress supports our Constitution and are concerned about more important issues than just term limits, balanced budgets and alternative life styles.


Well, the propaganda machine [the mainstream media, aka the government's media apparatus that prints or broadcasts all the news that's fit to fake], has tried to label General Partin, a dear friend of mine, a conspiracy nut, anti-government, radical and all the rest. Sadly, there are those out there who are simply unable anymore to filter any information through their minds from the constant dumbing down of the television set and a disinformation campaign that would have made Joseph Gobbels envious. Ben Partin could be spending his retirement years on the golf course like so many others, instead he spends his time lecturing around this country trying to warn an apathetic, self- centered and selfish population about the danger just over the horizon.

If you have read through this web site, you've already seen some of Ben's other observations regarding the OKC bombing and TWA Flight 800. Ben put together a full report on OKC and presented it to many U.S. Senators. Naturally, being the cowards they are, have ignored it to this day as well as the Department of InJustice headed up by a known drunk and solicitor of female prostitutes by the name of Janet Reno. Ben's report is backed up by his many years of experience in the Air Force in the field of weapons, i.e.:

Twenty-five years in research, design, development, test and management of weapons development. Hands-on work at the Ballistic Research Laboratories; Commander of the Air Force Armament Technology Laboratory, and ultimately management responsibility for almost every non-nuclear weapon device in the Air Force (at the Air Force System command, Air Staff and also the first chairman of the OSD joint service air Munitions Requirements and Development Committee.

If you would like a copy of: Bomb Damage Analysis Of Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, July 30, 1995, which I guarantee is much better than the analysis of Dan Blather or Cookie Roberts, please send him a $10.00 donation; there are many color photos in this report and as you know, they are costly to reproduce. Ben's analysis has been praised by dozens of top experts in the field as by far the most sane and technically accurate accounting of how the building was blown from inside by charges placed on the columns; the government's Ryder truck fairy tale is just that. You might also check out my analysis on the bombing and the follow-up story in the December 1996 issue of my old newsletters.

Brigadier General Benton K. Partin
U.S.A.F. (Ret.)
8909 Captains Row
Alexandria, VA 22308

Although too many Americans would rather sit glued to The Simpson's or skiing in fresh powder on the slopes, everyone really should read Anatoliy Golitsyn's books, New Lies For Old and The Perestroika Deception. I have. He is a very high ranking Soviet defector and once you read what he says, many of the pieces begin to fall into place. You can order his books through Emissary Publications, 503-824-2050.

If you haven't read Beyond NATO: Staying Out Of Europe's Wars by Ted Galen Carpenter, not only is it timely, it's critical that Americans understand why your husbands, sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, sisters, uncles and brothers are being sent to die under NATO for this world order. While this book is published through the Cato Institute which I generally have no respect for, the author's work cannot and should not be discounted because he's right on target. You can order from a local bookseller by the ISBN No. 1-882577-17-5.

Another item to point out regarding Ben's analysis and this is taken from The Record in New Jersey, a mainstream paper, April 24, 1997:

Russia, China agree to seek a new world order; dateline Moscow

The presidents of Russian and China agreed Wednesday to work toward a new world order in which regional powers would supplant the United States as the world's lone superpower....In addition to signing [Yeltsin & the Butcher of Beijing, Jiang Zemin] the "new world order" statement....The new Sino-Soviet friendship is grounded in economic self-interest, which may prove stronger than the ideological bond that snapped in the late 1950's....In their joint statement, and in remarks afterward, both presidents implicitly challenged the United States' status as the world's only remaining superpower - without ever mentioning the United States by name."

They don't have to! "new Sino-Soviet friendship" - remember what Ben said? America is being played like a fine-tuned fiddle and fiddle the people do at the ballparks and malls while we slip further into the abyss of a one-world moral, social and economic world order. You know something? I would love to be out fishing this weekend, the salmon will soon be running up the rivers for the spawning season. I can't.

There is a ton of documents we're trying to get up on this site so that everyone, regardless of political party, race, or religion, can get the truth and get on the same sheet of music - the song is saving our precious Republic without a blood bath. No fishing, no going out to dinner two or three nights a week, no trip to the movie house, no vacation for seven years. For once I would just like to read a book for pleasure, something non-political. Don't you think I get tired of reading about all the lies heaped on me from my own government for my entire lifetime? My God, we're born into a big lie. So I keep reading and researching for truth because truth, is the only thing that will set US free - free to do the things I just mentioned and more. And, my daughter will live free even if I have to die to make sure that happens.

"Implicitly challenged the United States?" Hello, out there in America! Wake up and understand what true disinformation really is and take a stand for your freedom. Their "new friendship" is grounded in economic self-interest? When hasn't it been? You and me and our children and grandchildren are buried in unpayable and mounting impossible debt to the IMF and world's bankers to continue shoveling BILLIONS and BILLIONS of dollars at the Ruskies, while they in turn have signed a new world order agreement to challenge US. Does it get any clearer? Please, stop buying any products made in Communist China or anywhere in the Soviet Union. You are funding our own destruction. While you're at it, thank the Republicans for continuing the unconstitutional authorization of another $18 BILLION dollars to the IMF.

Devvy Kidd
October 16, 1998