A Response to Kofi Annan and President Bush

Devvy Kidd
September 12, 2002

Today the airwaves were filled with speeches by UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan and President George Bush. Following these speeches which reeked of "global" worship as the world's silver bullet for peace, every single pundit on the television set focused on the rhetoric of Annan and Bush without a single reference to America's sovereignty.

Most of the day all commentary consisted of Mr. Bush proving his case and America's subservient role to the UN. Nary a breath of reference to our sovereignty or the real agenda of the UN. Walter Cronkite, a media icon for so many Americans, said the following in 'A Reporter's Life': "A system of world government is mandatory. The proud nations someday will see the light and yield up their precious sovereignty."

Without a doubt, Saddam Hussein is one of the lowest life forms on this globe. No doubt his soul will be consigned to the bowels of Hell for all eternity like other murdering tyrants before him. Yes, he deserves to be taken out by the people of his country, and no doubt he's developing all kinds of horrifying weapons - the same kind now held by Russia, Communist China, the United States and Israel, to name a few.

Kofi Annan is a Communist, just like his good friend, Nelson Mandela. They are Reds, period. The United Nations is nothing more than a Communist organization out to destroy the sovereignty of all countries and turn them into states of a one world government. Today Annan spoke as if he had been anointed King of the Planet.

Annan spoke of "member states" as if the united States of America were not a country, but rather just a state of this insidious "global community." He spoke of "multilateralism" being the only way that "member states" could function on this earth. He spoke of Iraq's continued defiance of UN mandated conditions. He referred to the attendees as "Excellencies."

In his speech, President Bush said that since the end of the Gulf War, Iraq had repeatedly violated U.N. resolutions. He said, "As a symbol of our commitment to human dignity, the United States will return to UNESCO. This organization has been reformed and America will participate fully in its mission to advance human rights and tolerance and learning." Spoken like the true globalist serving his world masters. But, what does UNESCO, another evil arm of the UN, have to do with Saddam Hussein and weapons of mass destruction?

His most dangerous words were:

    "The conduct of the Iraqi regime is a threat to the authority of the United Nations, and a threat to peace....The United States helped found the United Nations. We want the United Nations to be effective, and respectful, and successful. We want the resolutions of the world's most important multilateral body to be enforced."

Following all this bluster on the floor of the UN, the talking head shows followed suit. The most egregious dialogue came from the very popular, constitutionally deficient and factually challenged, Bill O'Reilly. During his interview with Scott Ritter, Mr. O said that America had every "right" to go into Iraq and remove Hussein. It was our "right" to invade without provocation, another sovereign country, topple it's government and declare ourselves champion of human rights as a world bully.

The Constitution of the United States

It is the supreme law of this land. In 1945, the United States unlawfully entered into a treaty with the Communist UN. First, the Seventeenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was never ratified. This is an indisputable fact backed up by indisputable documents. Therefore, the U.S. Senate seated in 1945, had no legal authority to sit in office, much less vote on any treaty. This is a legal fact. We have not had a legally serving Senate since 1913.

However, since few believe we are a nation of laws anymore if it threatens their job or material possessions, let us then move on to just who is the UN? Were they in part created by the U.S. as Mr. Bush touted today?

The UN scheme was masterminded by many, noteable was Alger Hiss, a spy and a traitor. The UN is a private group of individuals who are funded by 170 countries on the globe. The UN is not a government. This organization run by Communists, invites diplomats from all these countries to hold meetings to further a one world government and absolutely crush any national sovereignty of any country.

The United States of America does not enter into treaties with private organizations. You will never see the U.S. enter into a treaty with Ducks Unlimited or Girl Scouts of America. This is a fact that seems to escape people like Dan Rather, Shawn Hannity and Phil Donahue.

America's Participation in the UN is Unconstitutional

Many Americans simply don't understand the danger or the legality of our participation with this private organization. I would invite everyone to read a scholarly presentation on how the UN Charter violates our supreme law of the land from Judge J.J. Boesel at: https://devvy.com/boesel_20000205.html

It is quite obvious in listening to the responses from "Congressional leaders" like Daschle, Gephart, Luger and others, that they have no regard for the Constitution nor any understanding of our Founding Fathers when it comes to getting ourselves entangled in every tribal squabble or Middle-Eastern flap that comes down the pipeline. However, there seems to be no end to the hypocrisy of people like President Bush and the Congress when it comes to rogue states like North Korea.

Every year we ship tens of millions of tons of food to feed the starving in North Korea while their government spends all their resources developing weapons of mass destruction that they would like to use on US as soon as they feel they're ready. Tomorrow when you get up at dawn to go to work, don't forget to thank Mr. Bush and Congress for allowing you to work your fingers to the bone to fund the North Koreans and their quest for weapons of mass destruction.

The Right to Defend Our Borders

America is not in a self-defense posture. Mr. Bush is taking America into dangerous territory that will draw the continued wrath of terrorist nations: Being an aggressor, based on a future threat that may or may not materialize. I love our Republic. I don't want to see one more American die from terrorism, but this course that Bush is pursuing will come back to haunt this nation a thousand fold.

We have the unquestioned right to defend our borders, our shores, our land and our people. Of course, little to no effort is being made in that direction. Our borders are still open to any terrorist or murder who wants to walk across them. Any effort at identifying individuals from terrorists states is met immediately with shrieks from race racketeers who make their living yowling about "racial profiling."

The American people are in grave danger today as they were a year ago. There are no guarantees or promises about safety and security and that is why it is imperative that our military be brought home. Our military is here for US, not to attack countries around the world for threats, real or about some vagaries that may happen in the future. We would condemn such actions, i.e. China going after Tawian. Are the American people ready to see thousands of body bags shipped home to attack China if they go after Taiwan? I haven't met a single one.

War can only be declared by an act of Congress - a lawfully seated Congress. While Mr. Bush will put up a public horse and pony show about "consulting with Congress," he will get his way. As Mr. Clinton said back in August of 1998 while in Ireland, "...You know, by the time you become the leader of a country, someone else makes all the decisions." Anyone who thinks George Bush, Jr., is calling the shots, is still in an extreme case of denial.

A Warning Ignored

Congressman Utt from California, Congressional Record, House of Representatives January 15, 1962 Page 215:

    "You can expect to see a one world government, Communist controlled, under the United Nations. You will see the United Nations run up astronomical debts which we, under the terms of the treaty, are bound to pay."

His full speech, a critically important one on the UN, can be viewed at:

Back in 1969, former Secretary of Agriculture, Ezra Taft Benson spoke pearls of wisdom when he said:

    "Already, I can hear the chorus chanting "isolationism, isolationism,  he's turning back the clock to isolationism." How many use that word  without having the slightest idea of what it really means! The so-called  isolationism of the United States in past decades is pure myth. What  isolationism? Long before the current trend of revoking our  Declaration of Independence under the guise of international cooperation,  American influence and trade was felt in every region of the globe.  Individuals and private groups spread knowledge, business, prosperity,  religion, good will and, above all, respect throughout every foreign continent.

    "It was not necessary then for America to give up her independence to have  contact and influence with other countries. It is not necessary now.  Yet, many Americans have been led to believe that our country is so strong  that will can defend, feed and subsidize half the world, while at the  same time believing that we are so weak and "inter-dependent" that we cannot survive without pooling our resources and sovereignty  with those we subsidize. If wanting no part of this kind of "logic" is isolationism, then it is time we brought it back into vogue."

I wish I could say I support our President in his actions, but I cannot. Not knowing what I do about the global agenda and the threat to our dear and glorious Republic. Today Mr. Bush slapped the Constitution and the people of this country in the face by going to a Communist organization and pleading his case to put America in harm's way as the aggressor.