Updated December 10, 2002

Each day I receive around 400 e-mails. 300+ of them are people asking me how to drop out of the tax system, how to stop social security and other legal issues. I have no staff, it's just me.

I just can't answer each and every one individually, nor can I give legal advice as I'm not a lawyer.

This web site has as many updates as I can keep up with and you can use the search engine to try and locate material that may contain the answer(s) to any questions you might have.

I recently put 99.99% of this web site on a CD because it was becoming unmanageable due to the amount of information. Even I couldn't find what I was looking for! I encourage you to get the CD so you have a permanent record of this site:


You can also go to the links section and see if there is a group or organization you might be interested in contacting for more information.

I value your readership and thank you for your understanding and patience. Don't forget to tell ten people to tell ten people to tell ten people to read this site if they want accurate information and not rumors that sound good.

Devvy Kidd

Regarding the IRS:

In the 11 years I have been in this 'movement,' I have never seen one presentation that so indicts the government for its lies and fraud on the IRS and withholding as I witnessed at Bob Schulz' hearings in Washington, DC on February 27 and 28, 2002.

If you want to see the almost 400 questions and evidence to back up every response by the attorneys and experts who answered those questions, get the video and CD (with the documents) from those two days.

There is nothing that wasn't covered that day regarding the IRS, the IR Code and the massive lies and fraud perpetrated upon the American people.

I have ordered several sets of them and intend to make them available to anyone who will watch them.

Every question asked of me in e-mails about the IRS is answered during those hearings.

I urge you to get the videos and CDs and make a systematic circulation of them to anyone and everyone you know. Give them as a gift and use them to help you in your particular situation with the IRS. That is the best answer I can give you.

These materials can be ordered at: http://www.bostonteaparty2.org/purchase/

For latest updates on Bob's events, go to: http://www.givemeliberty.org

Also, an excellent site on the IRS:


Devvy Kidd