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Arizona's new immigration law: Not all illegals are Mexicans

By: Devvy
April 26, 2010

The worn out chant claiming racism over Arizona's tough and long over due immigration reform bill is saturating the media. I caught a segment on FAUX News two days ago. A robot in the form of a female had her yap going, declaring the law unconstitutional because it "makes all Hispanics in Arizona second class citizens". If I had an extra one of my favorite bumper sticker, I'd mail it to her:

Time to pull over and change the air in your head!

Because this female loads the pie hole in her face before her brain, she either hasn't read the bill (if she can read English) or chooses not to because it doesn't fit with her agenda: promoting lawlessness instead of the law. This genius also doesn't seem to comprehend this on-going invasion has brought terrible suffering to the people of Arizona for decades. Both emotionally and physically from crime, and economically by stealing jobs that belong to the people of Arizona and naturalized citizens in that state.

Arizona's current unemployment rate is 9.6%. How many thousands of jobs are being held by illegal aliens who have no legal right to work in that state? Thousands.  Those jobs belong to the people of Arizona, not some criminal from Columbia, Cambodia or Manila.[1] In the meantime, Arizonans stand in unemployment lines. 

A new Rassmussen poll shows 70% of Arizonans are in favor of this law. The other 30% are illegals, their friends and extremist fringe groups like the ACLU and militant America haters like LaRaza.

The usurper in the White House, who has no legal authority to say or do anything while he illegally occupies the office of president, fired off his politically correct rhetoric for votes calling the law 'misguided'. Obama/Soetoro knowingly and and with pre-meditation, broke dozens of laws when he brazenly ran for president knowing full well he is and always will be constitutionally ineligible. Anything he says, which is usually a bald face lie, means nothing. It's all political posturing.

The American Communist Lawyers Union (ACLU) blasts the new law "threatens civil rights and public safety". Of course, the ACLU has never done anything that would endanger public safety:

ACLU Defends Child Molester Group

"The American Civil Liberties Union has asked a judge to dismiss what it calls an "unconstitutional" lawsuit against a national pedophile organization being sued in a wrongful death case after two of the group's members brutally raped and murdered a 10-year-old boy. The $200 million civil lawsuit, which charges the North American Man-Boy Love Association with wrongful death, was originally filed in Massachusetts Federal District Court on May 16....

"But the ACLU believes NAMBLA is being unconstitutionally ''sued for their ideas.'' According to court documents from the ACLU, the case raises ''profoundly important questions under the First Amendment,'' because NAMBLA is not being sued for making any particular statements, but simply for creating an ''environment'' that encourages sexual abuse.

''What they don't like is what NAMBLA stands for,'' said John Reinstein, legal director of the Massachusetts chapter of the ACLU. ''They don't like their ideas or the notion that someone else would have accepted them,'' he told the Boston Globe."

Those monsters out there who preach 'sex after eight it's too late' don't endanger public safety? Why, they just exchange "ideas" that are putrid and revolting. Surely that doesn't endanger America's children who are the targets of those ideas from heinous monsters who steal their childhood and turn their heads into an emotional wasteland. I guess the ACLU chooses to ignore how many illegal aliens are child sex predators that have already molested and murdered:

How many more tears? How many more funerals?

Violent Sexual Predators Who Are Illegal Aliens -   A note about that column. It was written by the late Dr. Madeleine Cosman. Another radical extremist fringe group, the Southern "Poverty" Law Center, went after Dr. Cosman as they do anyone who dares to challenge the lies and propaganda spewed forth by the "mainstream" media (print and electronic) and cable TV networks.

For example:

Operation Predator: Targeting child exploitation and sexual crimes

Non Citizen Predators

"Three-quarters of the arrests under Operation Predator have been arrests of non-citizen sex offenders whose crimes make them removable from the United States. Others must serve their sentences before being removed from the United States. These predators have included New Jersey, New York, and California men who repeatedly molested their own daughters as well as an Austrian-national soccer coach convicted of fondling a mentally impaired minor."

Non-citizen means illegal alien.

Each day, approximately 93 sex offenders and 12 serial sex offenders cross the US border.[2] They are on the hunt for your daughter, grand daughter, grand son or you. Age doesn't seem to matter as I pointed out in a recent column. Those animals have raped 80 year old grandma's.

The Dark Side of Illegal Immigration: Nearly One Million Sex Crimes
Committed by Illegal Immigrants in the United States

Murder and other forms of violence are out of control in the State of Arizona, yet the ACLU condemns their state legislature and governor of Arizona for taking long overdue steps to protect their citizens. Never mind how many of these illegals are disease ridden which IS a public health safety concern. Those criminals are not immigrants. They are leeches who come here to suck off the fruits of your labor and now expect to be rewarded with amnesty courtesy of the usurper and vile senators like Juan McCain and Lindsay Graham who has now been outed.

As Gov. Brewer was signing the bill into law, what was going on outside the capitol?

67 Illegal Immigrants Found in U-Haul Truck

ELFRIDA, Ariz. - "Sixty-seven illegal immigrants were found crammed inside a U-Haul truck near Elfrida, Ariz. about 20 miles north of the U.S.-Mexico border after deputies spotted it driving erratically.

"Cochise County sheriff's spokeswoman Carol Capas said Friday that deputies pulled the U-Haul over Thursday evening, and the driver and front passenger ran out of the vehicle into the desert.

"The two, believed to be smugglers, got away. Meanwhile, deputies found 67 illegal immigrants in the back of the 26-foot truck."

67 criminals in just one truck. No background on any of these illegals; health, criminal or otherwise. And the American Communist Lawyers Union thinks the new law endangers public safety? It is any wonder that outside the world of the fools who support them, the rest of us find the ACLU a vile, anti-American operation?

Racial profiling

While 62% of illegals are Mexicans, illegal aliens come from many countries to break into our house:

In the eye of the 'illegals' storm

"The Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform's inaugural meeting on a wretched January night at Rory Dolan's Bronx bar has already become part of New York's Irish community folklore. "It's a bit like the 1916 Rising," quips Ciaran Staunton, O'Dowd's brother-in-law and vice-chairman of the ILIR. "There were 300,000 in the GPO that day too."

"That night, O'Dowd proposed a campaign to secure visas for the 25,000 to 50,000 illegal Irish workers in the US, someone pointed out that Washington was in no humour to hand out visas to illegal workers, O'Dowd shot back immediately that the undocumented Irish in the Bronx were in plenty of humour to receive them. The ILIR was up and running.

"The political apparatus that was used to secure the Donnelly and Morrison visas of the eighties was dusted off, oiled and put to work. Within weeks it resembled a very small, very efficient presidential campaign. In March, 2,400 Irish illegals took buses to a rally in Washington, where they were greeted by 2008 presidential contenders Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton and Senator John McCain. Senators Ted Kennedy and Chuck Schumer were amongst the high-profile senators who pledged their support to the 2,400 illegal Irish who demanded the right to "earned legalisation".

"A dozen Congressional lawmakers, Republican and Democrat, fell over each other in the rush to declare their support for the Irish illegals. "It would never have happened without Niall," Staunton says. "He doesn't care whose name is on the green card. The Donnelly visas were signed by Ronald Reagan, the Morrison's by Bush Sr and the Adams visa by Bill Clinton. He'll work with whoever can deliver."

I wish I had a list of those Republican and Democrats who "fell over each other" to support individuals who violated federal immigration law by sneaking into the country.

2,400 illegals "demand" a non existent right. Those illegals from Ireland are the same legal flavor of criminal as an illegal from Guatemala.

About 120,000 illegal aliens per year are from commie China, a half million from the Republic of Georgia and another 750,000 from the Philippines and South America.

The Irish are known for their beautiful, milky white skin. Asians are distinguishable from other races because God chose different colors and features for mankind. Are law enforcement going to pull over every person with milky white skin or with Asian features and demand their citizenship documents? Hardly. Advocates for illegal aliens and their mouthpieces like the ACLU seem to forget that state troopers and other law enforcement are all races: Caucasian, Negro, Asian, Hispanic. They are out there to do their job which is uphold the law. Should Irish and Asian illegals start squawking about racial profiling even though the officer questioning them is of the same race?

Let us not forget the roughly 150,000 illegals from middle Eastern countries. They are criminals just like all the rest. We know some of them are terrorists who have been running cells in this country. Yet, the bleeding hearts want to put everyone at risk with their mewling about racial profiling. In case it has been overlooked, many of the verified hijackers on 9/11 were Saudi's.

The American people have had it with law enforcement getting killed by illegal aliens as well as thousands of Americans per year -- and those are only the ones we know were committed by illegals. So many go unsolved.

The hawking of the racial profile hysteria is just more marketing to get this law overturned. However, it seems an appellate court issued a recent decision that should help law enforcement with their real concerns about getting sued for asking for identification with probable cause:


Plaintiffs, Appellants,

STATE OF RHODE ISLAND, State Police Department; STEVEN M. PARE, individually and in his official capacity as Superintendent of the Rhode Island State Police; C. THOMAS CHABOT, individually and in his official capacity as a state trooper employed by the State of Rhode Island,

Defendants, Appellees,

JANE DOE, individually and in her official capacity as a state trooper employed by the State of Rhode Island,


Case No. 09-1149, United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit, decided February 4, 2010

Fifteen men in a van stopped by a state trooper. He felt he had probable cause to ask for identification. Some of the illegals admitted right there they were here here illegally and on their way to work at jobs that belong to the people of Rhode Island. The trooper calls ICE and the illegals rightfully get hauled off and jailed. Those criminals who could care less about our laws and stealing jobs from the people of Rhode Island. They sued to go after the deep pockets of state law enforcement, but the cost is borne by the taxpayers.

This case addressed racial profiling in detail. The lower court sided with the defendants. The illegals appealed and the First Circuit upheld the lower court's ruling. The illegals lost. I invite you to read the decision so you can urge your state lawmakers to get the same bill passed in your state - even if they have to call an emergency session. This is an emergency. The lawsuits to over turn Arizona's new law will be filed soon, make no mistake. This should not deter other state legislatures from doing as Arizona has: Stand up to these militant pro-illegal organizations and corrupt politicians who support illegal aliens.

Illegal means illegal regardless of country of origin.

The criminals in the above cited case claimed their Fourth Amendment rights were violated. Illegal aliens are not citizens, so why do we the people put up with giving these illegals rights? It makes an absolute mockery out of citizenship and further reinforces in my opinion what Leo Donofrio wrote about citizenship.[3]

The next challenge is to get rid of this hoax called 'anchor babies.' The authors of the Fourteenth Amendment never meant what the federal courts have been shoving down our throats: That babies born on U.S. soil of an illegal automatically become citizens. That's hooey. Too bad the corrupt Outlaw Congress didn't start removing federal judges a decade ago for rubber stamping the rape of we the people to fund hundreds of billions of dollars every year to support those criminals and their off spring. YOUR vote for any incumbent in Congress tells them you approve of their refusal to shut down the border years ago and stop this nonsense:

Calif. School Targets Mexican Students

"Every day along the 1,952-mile border, children from Mexico cross into the United States and attend public schools. No one keeps statistics on how many. Citizenship isn't the issue for school officials; district residency is.

"The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled illegal immigrants have a right to an education, so schools don't ask about immigration status. But citizens and illegal immigrants alike can't falsely claim residency in a school district."

The Supreme Court has given non existent rights to those who have no right to even be in this country. The Supreme Court says you, your children and grand children must work your arse off to fund an education for an illegal alien because it's their "right". I say bull. Neither Supreme Court Justices or Federal Judges are given automatic employment for the rest of their lives. It is Congress - your incumbent and mine - that has refused to remove activist judges from the bench because they are gutless or because those activist judges are making rulings your incumbent wants to further their agenda.

In the meantime, 12-14 Americans will die today at the hands of an illegal. Perhaps it will be you in the wrong place at the wrong time. Either driving drunk, during a robbery or rape, more Americans WILL die today because of an illegal alien.

Another baby, adolescent or teen will be raped by one of those animals here illegally out roaming your city or town? No?

Take a good look at this beautiful 15-year old girl. Raped and murdered by two animals:

Story photo

"Alejandro Emeterio "Alex" Rivera Gamboa, 24, and Gilberto Javier Arellano-Gamboa, 23 have admitted to being in the US illegally, according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Rivera Gamboa was issued an Oregon ID card and avoided deportation even though he has been arrested for drunk driving four times since 2000."

Can't happen in your area?

27 Cases of Illegal Alien Sexual Assault Against Children in 30 days.

Dozens of American lives and families will be destroyed today because of the illegals invasion that remains unchecked.

Story photo 2

Have we had enough?


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