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Devvy's radio program airs Monday through Friday


3:00 pm Pacific — 4:00 pm Mountain — 5:00 pm Central — 6:00 pm Eastern

Starting May 17, 2010, Devvy's show moves to this time:
6:00 pm PST -   8:00 pm CST -  9:00 pm EST


This program covers constitutional issues and solutions. You are also invited to call in with questions as Devvy cannot answer the thousands of emails that come in every week. The call in number is: 877.342.6673
If you are unable to listen LIVE on your home computer because you're at work, or perhaps a truck driver 
or sitting in commuter traffic, you can hear the program LIVE or via Jeff's Archives anytime, 24/7, 
from most anywhere via an iPhone, Blackberry and the new iPad!

 Just go to this link to listen to the ARCHIVES whenever YOU want to!   

The program is also available in Streaming Rebroadcast on Rense Radio at these times:

6-7am Pacific - (9am-10am Eastern)

10-11am Pacific - (1-2pm Eastern)

And, of course, you can hear it LIVE each day, Monday-Friday from 3-4pm Pacific (6-7pm Eastern)
Devvy's program is also streamed at these times:
10-11 am Pacific — 1-2 pm Eastern
To listen, click here