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For years, people have been sending me e-mail asking me where I found such and such which appeared in one of my columns or something I said on a radio show. I began my research back in 1991. It has been a continuing journey. Every rock you turn over turn leads to another thread of this 225+ year old quest to control the world, which eventually moved to America in 1776 and expanded.

I have two offices that have literally thousands of pages of documents in file cabinets or piled up in baskets or book cases. Hundreds of reports, books, videos and so forth. This section will contain everything I can scan - as time permits. These pages are not in any particular order or subject matter. I don't have a staff or any help - except those dedicated friends of mine who do the posting - so it will be somewhat slow going.

Because of the size of these files, I would ask that you download them into your system or onto a CD because the server for my site - I'm told by my technical friends - won't support thousands of people sitting on one pdf file at a time. You are welcome to print out whatever you like from these files. Pass them along to your friends and family who are not on the Net or who might not have the time to do a lot of research. I've been doing it for everyone as I have learned all these years.

Of course, when the Internet finally came into tens of millions of homes, it has made research easier, but you also have to be very careful about disinformation and outright lies. That's why it's so important to have source reference material that can be verified. I've watched the same old people for the past decade put out rumors, myths and hoaxes and when you call them on it, you get nothing but lame excuses back.

Credibility is everything. Research is time consuming and I have given up fourteen years of my life in pursuit of the truth doing it as accurately as possible. I am hopeful these files will help everyone with that same goal. Seeing is believing and that's why I'm making all this available to you.

There are too many Americans whose blind loyalty is to a political party, a talk radio host or neutralizers like Bill O'Reilly who has little understanding of the U.S. Constitution. The truth isn't easy to swallow, but America is in meltdown, financially, morally and politically. It is imperative that we get factual documentation and data to as many Americans who love our Republic and do want to save it from utter and total collapse.

Due to some copyright restrictions on a small amount of the piles of paper I've been going through, I can't scan everything, but what I can, you will get. Once I get done sifting through all that can be scanned, what's left that's copyrighted, I'll make a list of the item, the date, source and then if its something that interests you, hopefully you can get it from the source.

Please be mindful that large collections of files or images can be aggravating if you don't have DSL (which I don't). Dial up connections are slow and when you hit the URL, it will come up blank for a moment, but about ten sections later, the large Adobe window should appear and begin loading. For the huge files, you might wish to hit the load and let it sit overnight. That way, when you get up for the morning cup of java or tea, you can load it into your system or onto a CD.

Books, videos, DVDs

I have a huge library. Part of that library is leisure reading. I love murder mysteries. No one can read about the evil covering our world all the time or you would go nuts. This list of books, videos and DVDs, represents research material.

When a person does research or studies an issue or history, you read all points of view - even ones you don't agree with or might find repugnant.

A researcher reads books, working papers, reports, essays, publications and pamphlets that cover many positions, opinions and claims. If a person only reads one side of an issue or one party's position, you only get one view. I, for one, think this is unacceptable and dangerous.

I strive to always go into my research on any subject, issue, religion or movement with an open mind and I have had my mind changed on many occasions when I discovered by cross referencing with as much data as I could find, that I was wrong about what I thought were certain facts I had been taught or read. It hasn't been much fun, believe me.

It has been a long fourteen years of learning and un learning, if you will. I have found out things I never wanted to know, but can't ignore. I have read books that I found offensive, but have read them anyway. This is how you learn. A person can only make an informed decision if they look at all documentation and data available to them. Having said all that, the books are listed in no particular order or subject. Some are difficult to find. Alibris.com is a good source for out of print books or do a google search. There are lots of hard to find book dealers in the world and I have been successful in finding many through this source.

I am aware that the cost of doing all this research can run into serious bucks. If you belong to a group or organization, you might consider buying books, DVDs or videos and then letting people check them out, just like a library. That way, the cost to everyone might be a dollar or two here and there, but everyone will have an opportunity to have access. You can do the same with your family. Everyone chip in $25.00, buy the ones you think should be read or viewed first and share.

Devvy Kidd
January 30, 2005

Books and Videos
A large collection of interesting documents. Note: This file is very large and will take considerable time using a dial up connection. File size: 10+ megabytes in PDF A long list of important books. MS WORD or PDF
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