The Writings of Dr. Edwin Vieira

Devvy Kidd
September 22, 2002

These pieces by Dr. Vieira provide superb commentary in understanding why our economy can never be healthy or prosperous, regardless of how many lies your member of Congress, Republican or Democrat, tells you to get your vote. The central bank, deceptively known as the "FED," is and always has been the cancer killing our body politic.

The American people had better take the time to understand the link between the central bank and the "income" taxes they are extorted to pay all year long in the form of withholding and then another balloon payment every April 15th.

Unless and until the people understand this key mechanism draining the lifeblood of our Republic, they will only continue to treat the symptoms while the patient (US) is on the operating table hemorrhaging to death.

These are courtesy of Larry Becraft. He knows how important this issue is and how fortunate I am to have such a large volume of visitors to this site:

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Below is a very small excerpt from the best financial newsletter out there, The International Forecaster.

21 September,  2002  (#2)
An international financial, economic, political and social commentary.
Published and Edited by: Bob Chapman
Vol.  6- No. 9-2  ( 72pgs.)

    "As you know Iraq has said it will allow inspections thereby derailing Mr. Bush's agenda. As we said some time ago among other reasons, the war was being used as a cover to divert public attention from the collapsing stock market and economy. There still may very well be a war because the elitists cannot allow themselves to be blamed for what has happened. They may very well end up on the end of a rope. Remember gold is not going to go up simply because we may have a war. Gold will go up for a myriad of other reasons.

    "Don't be put off by the perhaps temporary change of war plans, buy on any weakness. What the enemy has been doing to our economy, way of life and freedom every day will become manifest in the eyes of Americans and they will demand changes. That is when all markets will fall except for gold and silver. Americans may well go from being clueless to being able to understand the problem in a matter of a few weeks and then watch the fur fly.

    "Watching Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neil on CNBC reminded us of the sound track from One Flew Over the Cuckoo s Nest. This sociopath spouted one lie after another like a possessed demonic madman. We wonder how he ll react at the War Crimes Trials?

    "Our government, which sees money launderers behind every pillar, wants to require offshore hedge funds to disclose to the Treasury identities of its owners if they have assets of over $1 million. Over the past 10 years assets in hedge funds have grown to $278 billion from $50 billion. The Treasury Department's hedge-fund proposal in one of several new measures to be announced that maintains the hard line on money-laundering the department adopted after last year's terrorist attacks.

    "Casinos will be required to report suspicious transactions, life insurance companies will have to adopt money-laundering procedures and foreign banks will be forced to comply with US subpoenas through their US affiliates. How is that for a totalitarian state? We told you before the government wants to shut hedge funds down because they short the market.

    "Proof of that is pressure being exerted by the President s Working Group on Financial Markets, better known as the Plunge Protection Team. In 1999 this illegal, unconstitutional group, alone with the GAO admonished top financial regulators for not making life more difficult for hedge funds and others who short the market. They figure disclosure might drive them out of business.

     "The additional ruse is to force hedge funds to adopt money-laundering policies and controls, appoint compliance officers and spy on its investors like our banks are so willing to do. As you can see government is invading every facet of our lives, stealing our freedoms and sanctity and subjecting us to police state government, all in the name of terrorism. Our government manipulates all markets 24 hours a day all over the world and hedge funds are disrupting their control of these markets, so they must be destroyed.

    "The arrogance of government grows larger. A federal judge has held Interior Secretary Gail Norton and other agency officials in the error-prone trust fund system that handles over $300 million a year for individual Indians. What has really happened is that elitists have been looting the fund for years. It's expected the fund will be put under a court-appointed receiver. The fund has been robbed of $100 billion by various politicians over the years.

    "The Bush war administration is stepping up pressure to approve a $10 million slush fund, known as a Pentagon reserve fund to fund secret activities in Mr. Bush s relentless quest for war in the Middle East, particularly versus Iraq. That s in addition to the $355 billion the Pentagon received this year. Costs for preparing for a war, the administration would initiate as a preemptive war, are running $2 billion a month already and a war hasn t as yet begun. Mr. Rumsfeld says if he doesn t get the additional funds the war on terrorism will be shut down.

    "JP Morgan Chase s credit rating downgrade, which knocks them from the AA pinnacle to the A+A1 level, prohibits them from dealing with central banks, which in turn should mean they couldn t lease bullion unless dealing with another bank. Do other banks have bullion to lease? We don t think they do. That also raises the questions what becomes of the leased gold bullion position and what happens to their derivative positions? Must they unwind them?

    "Due to the downgrade do counter parties have the right to alter their positions? Morgan's shares have been trading under $20.00. If $19.00 breaks will that drive gold over $330 an ounce? There is a good chance the event will do that. All this is exacerbated by a current account deficit, which means a lower dollar, which puts further upward pressure on gold and further downward pressure on Morgan s share price.

    "Investors removed $18.1 billion from money-market funds last week. Institutional investors were responsible for $16.31 billion and retail $1.8 billion. Seven-day compounded yields stayed at 1.25% and 30-day yields were down to 1.25% from 1.26%.

    "Merrill Lynch has fired two executives, one a corporate vice-chairman and the other from its Houston-based energy group for refusing to testify for the SEC and the Justice Department. We would expect that if both parties are vindicated it will cost Merrill Lynch a substantial amount of money.

    "Lucent Technologies at $.94 is now a penny stock and 97% of stockbrokers are forbidden by their firms to purchase the stock for their clients. Nortel Networks is in the same boat at $.81.

    "We are being asked who will follow JP Morgan Chase into financial trouble and that answer is Citigroup and BofA, both of which we believe have been under Fed supervision for over a year. They share the same problems JPM has and those are lack of trust, their derivatives books, venture capital markdowns, credit recognition, foreign exchange risk, criminal involvement with other corporations and their gold bullion derivative exposure. That is in addition to a negative overall outlook, further rating downgrades, liquidity problems, a further cut in dividends, falling profits, criminal actions and a loss of public confidence.

    "Morgan will be merged into another bank to disguise its losses, as will Citicorp and BofA. Loan syndication has spread the risk and the big questions is no one knows for sure how badly other banks are ensnared in bad loans and in the derivative daisy chain. A confirmation of the two could be in the many billions of dollars. There are $2 trillion in loan commitments out there as well as $80 trillion in derivatives. If that doesn t frighten you it should. Due to the spread of the risk philosophy, not only are these big three banks in terminal trouble, so are many others. In the second quarter alone BofA reported almost $5 billion in bad loans. All we can say is unfortunately this is just the beginning. You ll be reading about this debacle for the next five years.

    "22% of the 1,842 fledgling companies that received an initial round of funding in 1999 are out of business, versus 15% launched over the previous seven years. That 22% loss equals $15.3 billion lost forever.

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When you look at your pay stub on the first of the month, look at what this government steals from you every month to pay for a non-existent war with Iraq. Until a few months ago, Mr. Bush wasn't in the least bit concerned that Iraq was a 'threat to the entire world.' Suddenly, our bravest and finest are about to become cannon fodder again for the international banking cartel. If it were Clinton beating the drums of war, Bush apologists like Shawn Hannity and Peggy Noonan would be screeching "Wag the Dog." What hyprocrites.

Of course, no matter how much the government steals, it's never enough, so the immoral global servants in Congress turn right around and borrow your children and grand children's future from the private Fed.

If people think the bubble will never burst and Monday Night Football will always be there, they are fooling themselves big time. As a smart, savvy lady by the name of Sherry Peel Jackson, former IRS agent, likes to say: "Get off the plantation."

This is a Federal Reserve Note. It's worth nothing. It's backed by nothing.   Gold Never Lies. It is the only true money on earth.
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