October 6, 2021

Ladies and gentlemen, let us begin by diving into the deep end of the pool by reading an email to nist. Those who would question why I didn’t capitalize nist should know one of life’s simple truths: Robert A. Motch, Little Bobby Motch will not capitalize fecal.

AMERICA my Plan is both Blunt and to The Point with no fluff or fillers. Only accurate information, the ammunition You The People Need to Remove PEACEFULLY, our present day black-hearted secret society filled/riddled govmint.

Readers please try to remember Dr. Martin “The Lion-Hearted” King Led in the Same, Exact Manner.

Last month I emailed the national institute of standards and technology, nist.  Note the date my email was sent. Fact: I still haven’t heard so much as a peep from nist.


On September 8, I emailed nist:


Good morning,

I am curious as to how many civil engineers, structural engineers and architects are on NIST’S payroll as I am a taxpayer.

Kind regards,

Robert Motch

Reply: Thank you for contacting NIST!

Your message has been received by NIST

Next is my email to one of crooked as a snake nist’s structural engineers.

From: RMotch
Sent: Wednesday, September 22, 2021 8:14 PM
Subject: your thoughts on why my question was ignored

Stuart since your expertise is “Structures”, please explain why the following was ignored.


Good morning,

I am curious as to how many civil engineers, (10) structural engineers and architects are on NIST’S payroll as I am a taxpayer.

Kind regards,

Robert Motch

Reply: Thank you for contacting NIST!

Your message has been received by NIST”

Stuart if 3,500+ Architects and Engineers know your govmint agency is lying, then why not come clean and tell The TRUTH?

Stuart, have you watched Loose Change, the original documentary produced for only 2,500$ by Four Brave Hearted Young Men, TRUE AMERICANS?

If you haven’t please watch it.


Robert Motch”

Ladies and gentlemen today is Oct. 7, and I still haven’t heard/read one single word from the nist pack. The very same pack our crooked damn black-hearted filled govmint trotted out to first lie and next mislead using their fecal filled report.

In a nut shell, 300,000,000 plus well meaning Americans and most everyone else were deceived.

I encourage everyone to watch Loose Change Second Edition, perhaps the best documentary dedicated to September 11, 2001.

Truth Be Told: I backed nist into a corner, which they cannot escape from All By Myself; with two to the Point, Blunt emails. From this point forward please see me/view me as an Old Testament Lion with a New Testament Heart.

The first link above will take you to Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth’s homepage.

More to follow.

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October 18, 2021

Ladies and gentlemen on Oct. 8, I forwarded to Jeff Rense my email to the bilderberg organization’s press office.

My email to ALT News site owner J. Rense: “Thought Jeff might want to read the email below.

From: RMotch
Sent: Friday, October 8, 2021 6:04 AM
Subject: bilderberg press office is glad to assist me


Am glad the bilderberg pack’s press office is happy to assist.

My first question would be if over 3,500 Architects and Engineers have signed Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth’s petition, as they know for a Fact the bilderbergs Thomas cfr Kean, Lee cfrtrilateral  Hamilton and Philip (crf, trilateral) Zelikow, the 9/11 commission’s crooked damn steering committee – lied in their official findings as to what really happened on September 11, 2001. Which is the largest single day massacre of America’s overwhelmingly Well Meaning Citizens.

Do you find it another damn coincidence that a bilderberg member going back to the early 1960s, Henry former cfr directortrilateral commission trustee Kissinger was the first wolf trotted out to outright lie to Americans and everyone else? Because I sure as hell don’t!!!

Truth Be Told: There’s a pattern here. Due to the FACT Gerald master mason, cfr member Ford and then cfr chairman John world bank bankster/gangster McCloy were bilderbergs in 1964, while lying members of Earl master mason Warren’s fecal filled warren commission.

I eagerly await your response as I have been shunned by the trilateral commission’s fecal filled pack after making a similar request.


Robert Motch”

Some may find my language colorful. Myself, I prefer to be Blunt and to The Point. That way there is no wiggle room for the sender or any and all receivers like nist, the bilderberg pack’s press office, trilateral commission, or the crooked as a snake American institute of architects.

On 10/14/2021 at 3:06 PM, I emailed Jeff Rense:

“Jeff, please forward my email to the crooked as a snake American institute of architects to your vast list of email contacts. Also know I forwarded the email below to my attorney asking Debbie to put a copy of my email to aia’s crooked board in my file.

From: RMotch
Sent: Thursday, October 14, 2021 2:42 AM
Subject: A&E for 9/11 Truth

Good morning,

Since over 3,500 Honorable Architects and Honorable Engineers have signed A&E’s petition, it makes no sense whatsoever that aia has not publicly endorsed Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. What makes it worse is I’m positive your crooked board knows for a Fact the overwhelming majority of A&E’s petition’s early signers are AIA members.

Please take the time to explain your institute’s gross, negligent, complete failure. And since I was born with a curious nature – can one of your board members actually spell the word: integrity?

You have my phone number so please call me.


RA Motch”

Whether you like or hate me, matters not. What Matters is I have backed six habitual lying, sorry, rat and wolf filled packs into a corner All By Myself. More Facts: I haven’t heard so much as a squeak from the council on foreign relations, the cfr, nist, aia, bilderberg, trilateral or the “it’s so secret we” George republican Bush jr. and “can’t talk about it” John democrat Kerry skull & bones/skull & dung pack (see video below), which I Challenged Up Close and Personal in my to The Point – highly descriptive and very colorful email to the wolf filled trilateral pack a couple of days prior to my Challenging the secretive bilderberg’s via their press office.

My emails are having the desired effect as the trilateral commission has removed their website from the internet, and replaced it with –

Under the trilateral pack’s banner at the webpage above:

New Site Under Construction

We are relaunching trilateral and will be back online in fall 2021.

Click here to download our membership list

For questions, please email

Mailing Address:

Trilateral Commission North America
PO Box 380810
Cambridge, MA 02238

More to follow.

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