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Americans were handed a shock in August 2008 with the banking crisis - an issue untold numbers of us have been warning about for decades. It is wonderful to see so many organizations, tea party chapters and 9-12 groups not only becoming activists, but also with a burning desire to know what are the real constitutional solutions to issues and what can I do?

There's no way to present complicated matters in a 500 word essay. I spent years doing nothing but research. It requires Americans sacrifice their time just like millions of us have so that we fully understand the issue, not the obfuscation and out right lies from the media, Congress after Congress for longer than I've been alive and whichever puppet sits in the White House.

All that we see right now is the final pieces of the agenda for world government being put into place by the U.S. Congress. Selling jobs and our sovereignty for power and $$. We the people have the solutions, now we need to get as many Americans as possible working towards the same solutions. We need to prioritize with life or death over smaller things that can wait.

I gave up my career and at least $1 million dollars or so in income over the past 24 years because once I got just a whiff of what a "new world order" was going to be, it scared me. My journey began with learning about the disabilities of our monetary system - the truly evil head of the beast siphoning off the life blood of this country for 100 years and one month. While I could recommend a hundred books from my library on just that subject alone, I've tried to select the best learning tools, video or print.

The Purse and Sword is THE most outstanding of any presentation I have ever seen covering how we got here and more importantly the constitutional solutions that are there if state legislators would just go out and rent a bucket of guts:

Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr. uses his "Visual Constitution" to address two of the most pressing issues in our nation:

The Purse: America's Economic Crisis...what can and should the government do? Few Americans understand our economic system and its complexities. Hear Dr. Vieira explain, in easy to understand language, the lawful Constitutional powers the government possesses for dealing with money and the economy. Hear the common sense application of those powers, the abuses and unlawful expansions of those powers, as well as the only logical way through which we can return sanity to our economic policies.

The Sword: Homeland the Militia provides our only true security. Today an unending series of "crisis" are being used to rationalize the continual loss of liberty and expansion of government in size and scope. After years of research, Dr. Vieira presents the lawful and Constitutional remedies for threats to our Homeland Security. Hear how "the Militia of the several States" are the ultimate security against all threats - both foreign and domestic. Learn what you can do to help with Homeland Security in your community and State!

This 4 DVD set is 8 hours long, but the knowledge one gets from it is priceless. .

I recommend watching it with as many people as possible in two hour sessions. But, time grows short. The U.S. Congress is beyond derelict in refusing to kill the cancer. We have crossed the Rubicon so the 50 states of the Union had better wake the hell up because to not act will represent financial suicide for the states. If you can, please try to get an appt with your state rep or senator. Give him or her a copy of The Purse and Sword and ask for a commitment to watch it. Give your rep the reasons why which you will learn from the DVDs. Follow up with phone calls.

I cannot stress strongly enough just how far gone things are and how highly dangerous is the time in which you and I live. If we are to return to 'of the people, by the people and for the people', we the people must return to self governance and tell our elected public servants what they must do, not what special interests pay them to do. Sadly, so many don't even understand the problem.

The Purse and Sword

The Money Masters - Video

Please go to this web site and scroll down to Money for a plethora of items on our dead monetary system. The unconstitutional "Federal" Reserve is the candy store for the bandits in the U.S. Congress to continue stealing us blind. Without knowledge about fiat (paper) currency and the central bank, Americans will continue chasing Band Aids.

And: Memorandum of Law: The Money Issue

Voters Educate the Elected

The Memorandum was written by my dear friend, constitutional attorney, the late Tommy Cryer. The non ratified Sixteenth Amendment was shoved down our throats in 1913, the same year as the unconstitutional fed to provide the money pipeline to the banking cartel. I will tell you this: Once you read that document you will understand that the federal personal income tax does not apply to domestic Americans. Period. It is a bitter pill to swallow, but it is the factual truth. U.S. Attorneys know it and so do a lot of cowardly judges who send Americans to prison.

This is what every adult aged American needs to know:

What is Operation Innocence Revealed?

Not a penny of your "federal" income tax funds a single function of the General Government

The right argument on taxation: Tax Cuts, Fair Tax Schemes Keep People Herded in the Wrong Direction

The most complete writing and documenting for all the secret societies which control the world. That's a fact. Click on features in upper right hand corner.

A New 9/11 Revelation - Cover Up Continues

9/11 Truth Seekers: The 'lunatic fringe' is whom?

Important Reading

Why an Income Tax is Not Necessary to Fund the
U.S. Government

The Right Argument on Taxes

The Seventeenth Amendment
It was never ratified!

Democracy or Republic,
Which is It?

(Large PDF)

A Briefing on Money

Destroyed Patriot Arguments

Guns and God

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